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How To Tell If A Diamond Is Real With A Flashlight?

How To Tell If A Diamond Is Real With A Flashlight?

“Are you looking forward to buying an authentic piece of a diamond? If yes, then there are so many ways you can see whether it’s a real one or fake. In all these multiple ways, especially how to tell if a diamond is real with a flashlight. For every fresh buyer, all gemstones that look like diamonds seem like a thing to buy.”

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But there are specific ways and techniques to recognize it. That’s why we are here to help you out by providing this article that includes all types of testing procedures and some valuable guidelines that will guide you when you go out to buy such expensive jewels. Continue reading till the end.

Some Effective Ways To Test A Diamond

Here are some of the globally used methods for checking the authenticity of diamonds. They are as follow

1. Check Using Flashlight

The first process is to check if a diamond is natural with a flashlight. It is considered the most effective tool for detecting a fake piece of diamond. It is performed by holding a flashlight vertically, pointing it upward, and placing the precious stone upside down on the lens.

Carefully observe how light passes through and through from the diamond. There are two cases of seeing rainbow colors or white light where a light beam touches the diamond. Hence, if it does not show the reflection of different colored lines, then it is pretty sure that the piece of stone is not genuine, it’s a fake one, and avoid buying it.

2. Test A Diamond In The Fog

A most rapid way to conclude that the diamond is real or fake is by doing a fog test. But before performing this, first, clean the diamond and ensure that it’s not greasy. Then take the piece of stone in front of your mouth and breathe over it till the time it is completely covered with fog.

If it disappears within two seconds, it is proved that the diamond is natural. But if not, then maybe the diamond you are seeing is fake. Though this test is helpful if you want to test, you can also if you know how to see if a diamond is real with a flashlight.

3. A Simple Water Test

The simplest and easiest way for checking whether the diamond is worth buying or not is water testing. But sometimes, it may not be 100% accurate. To apply it on a stone, take a glass of water and fill it. If the diamond sinks to the bottom of the glass, it’s a real one, and if it continues floating at the upper surface of the glass, then it is fake.

But it’s not essential that all the fake ones float in the water. So, it is also suggested to do another test to ensure that the diamond is natural.

4. Most Effective Blacklight Test

Another effective solution to your diamond testing problems is to check it through black light. Turn off your room’s light or use your black light. Once the blacklight turned on, positioned the diamond under the UV light.

Many of the stones will glow blue, but if you observe a slight green or yellowish fluorescence, you will need the guidance of a professional jeweler because it means that your diamond is fake.

5. Loupe Testing

One of the efficient ways to inspect your stone is loupe testing. All jewelers use a loupe to check diamonds for concluding their class, and purity can also purchase a loupe from any online store to do this testing at your home.

But if you seek any reputable jeweler, he must have a loupe to test it. By utilizing loupe, you can examine all possible blemishes and imperfections in your stone because a real diamond has some natural features that humans, such as inclusions, cannot fake.

6. Seeing Through A Magnifying Glass

The easiest and attention required process to test your diamond is by looking through it with the help of magnifying glass. Hold the glass up and observe any imperfection within your stone.

Diamonds may have imperfections, but most of them have inclusions. Hence, it is a chance that a real piece of the diamond can be flawless, or we may call it a synthetic gemstone.

7. Sparkle Testing

The most important test to analyze the features of your diamond is the sparkle test. It tells the optical properties of your stone and much more about it. Just hold the loose diamond closer to a light source, for example a lamp.

Then carefully observe the reflection of light from that diamond. This test gives you more surety when you have another piece of gemstone so you can compare it. You will be able to compare their effect on the light.

Some Useful Tips For Buying A Real Diamond

  • Buy diamonds in other shapes rather than buying a round cut diamond because those have less price with the same weight.
  • Before purchasing, review a copy of the diamond certificate to ensure that it has undergone professional examination.
  • Buy a more symmetric diamond because it has more sparkle than others.
  • Never compromise quality for carat size.
  • Take a proper laser inscription on your stone as it will identify your diamond if it’s lost or stolen.

How to Recognize a Real Diamond with Your Naked Eye?

It is challenging to conclude that the diamond is natural by seeing with our eyes because looks can deceive us easily. But the only recognition of natural diamond by the human eye is if it is seen reflecting in shades of grey. You can also if you know how to see if a diamond is real with a flashlight.

Does an Original Diamond Sparkle a Rainbow?

When your gemstone sparks a rainbow of colored light, the diamond is not the original one. But if it is real, you will observe shades of grey in its reflection.

How to Check a Real Diamond Using a Lighter?

Besides all the other kinds of tests, there is another way to check if the diamond is natural or not, and that is by using a lighter. Light the diamond continuously for 30 to 40 seconds. Afterward, drop the diamond into cold water. If it breaks into pieces, it’s a fake one. Otherwise, it is a natural diamond.


Summing it up! A natural diamond is very expensive these days, and it isn’t easy to purchase one because many people get scammed by looks. So one must know how to recognize a real one.

We hope that this article helped you a lot with information about checking the diamonds and some preventive measures to take while buying. If you find this article beneficial, share with others.


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