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How To Tell If Jordans Are Fake?

How To Tell If Jordans Are Fake?

“Are you also facing problems in finding fake jordans? Nowadays it’s not a big deal to get a replica of anything but it is one of the biggest disadvantages for those who are looking for a genuine pair of jordans. Well there are visible differences between fake and real jordans if you notice.”

Nike Men’s Air Jordan 1 Mid Se Court Purple Suede, White/Court Purple/Black, 9

There are a number of details you can check to examine if the jordans are fake or not. You have to take care of major key points and you are good to go. This article is all about jordans and how to tell if jordans are fake.

Examine The Box And Its Quality

Packaging is the first thing we notice in any branded thing. Jordan shoes come in a cool and sturdy box. Usually black. To tell if the jordans are fake, you have to examine the package carefully.

The lid of the box should be covered tightly. The box’s color varies according to the design every year; you need to have a thorough research about the design you want.

Another visible factor of the box would be its colors which should be even without any fading part. The texture of the box should be consistent. All these details should be there in the box of an authentic pair of jordans.

Check Out The Logo

Look carefully at the logo of Jordan Jumpman. It should appear on the box clearly without any uneven proportions. Make sure to see the logo on the lid and the side of the box. The image is not the same on the fake pair of jordans, and if you are unaware of the logo, you first search for it.

There should not be any spelling errors in the box. Everything should be aligned properly without being unusual or crooked. The logo makes a huge deal of difference in the shoes. If the logo is not the same, it is obvious that the jordans are fake.

Check Out The Style Number

Jordans have a nine-digit style number written on the box. The style number is listed on the sticker below the country of manufacture. Check out the original website and search for the style number of that pair of shoes you want. See if the actual style number is given o the box. If not, they are fake.

Shoe Construction

The question of how to tell if jordans are fake will become easier for you after inspecting the shoes carefully. When you take out the boots, the first thing you should look at is the small tag located inside the shoes. The information provided by the manufacturing sticker should all be given on that tag as well. Make sure everything is the same written on the box and the shoe.

The stitching of authentic jordans should be neat, and there should not be any kind of spelling mistakes on the inner tag. Check out the label under the tongue of jordans. There should be words written, the greatest player ever. The embroidery of these words would be so neat, easy to read, and professional enough to tell if they are authentic.

Double-check the logo on the backside of the shoes, examine every detail carefully to make sure that the jordans are not fake. Fake Jordan has poor stitching of the logo and has unusual proportions.

Assure That The Label Is 100% Authentic

The Jordan label does not have any advertisement or anything written on it. If you see something written like ‘ ‘authentic’’ or custom” or ‘variant’ just stop over; there is nothing like this written on the Jordan labels. Examine if the brand has any non-required information. Nike does not commission them. Inquire the website or retailer about it.

Check The Quality Of The Shoes

Examine the quality of the shoes, especially the stitching quality. The jordans are stitched neatly and in a professional way. Everything in jordans should look neat with no unfinished edges or frayed threads. Inspect the stitching of the heals; if you feel it unevenly stitched, a question about it.

Check The Price

Check out the real website for the price chart of the shoes, as sellers do not usually drop the prices below the retail value. This confuses the customers, and this confusion leads the frauds to earn profit by selling fake jordans at a good price. Typically, the Air Jordan 1 High retails for USD 170, while the Mid and Low charges $115 and $90, respectively.

Tips To Avoid The Chances Of Fraud

  1. Avoid online purchases if the image is not clear and detailed.
  2. If buying online, then approach trustworthy websites for 100 % genuine products.
  3. If the pictures provided are so small, ask the seller for better quality and detailed images.
  4. Avoid buying air jordans from overseas sellers.
  5. Check the customer’s reviews before buying.
  6. Examine the prices first so that you stay away from fraud.

What Are The Major Differences In Fake Jordans?

The logo, style number, stitching, embroidery, and other details are the visible differences in counterfeit jordans.

What Is The General Price Level of Air Jordans?

Typically, the Air Jordan 1 High retails for USD 170, while the Mid and Low charges $115 and $90, respectively.

Where Are Mostly Fake Jordans Sold?

Mostly the fraud cases are reported through the internet, and fake websites are made which sell fake jordans at actual or sometimes at high prices.


Nike jordans are so into fashion, and every youngster wants to wear them, but many of them face the problem of getting fooled by the frauds by getting fake jordans as the actual price. How to tell if jordans are fake is one of the most asked questions.

You simply need to examine the box and its details first, as the first impression is always the packaging, and genuine brands never have faults in their packaging.

Secondly, check out the shoes carefully, the manufacturing details, label, logo and all other essentials before buying them. Lastly, avoid approaching the websites having bad reviews by the customers.


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