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How Can You Tell If Crocs Are Fake?

How Can You Tell If Crocs Are Fake?

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Crocs Kids' Crocband Clog
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“Are you thinking of buying some authentic crocs but don’t know how to tell the original ones from the fake ones? If yes, then cheer up. Today, through this article, we will guide you How can you tell if Crocs are fake? through some of the easiest steps.”

Crocs Unisex Men’s and Women’s Classic Clog, Black, 6 US

We do know crocs have been in the market for so many years. In fact, they have become that ultimate, comfortable statement that everyone loves to have. However, to rock that chic yet relaxed style, you need to have the original one.

We will guide you on how you can identify the authentic crocs from those cheap and fake ones. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

6 Quick Steps To Identify Real Crocs From The Fake Ones

Keep reading as we solve the dilemma of crocs original vs fake for you.

Step-1: Check For The Tag

Starting with the first and foremost step is to check the tag for necessary information. All of the original crocs have this tag with them. They have the color, size, material, and model name mentioned on them. If your crocs don’t come with such tags, unfortunately, your ones might be fake.

Besides, check for the barcode on these tags. These barcodes are unique to every pair. Because of this, you can identify whether your crocs are fake or not. The fake crocs have similar barcodes and have nothing different among them.

Step-2: Check For The Colours

Another thing to check for How can you tell if Crocs are fake? are the selective color ranges it offers. When you get to the official crocs website, you will get to see they have these particular colors of crocs. So, if your croc’s shade matches with that on the website, then you got them real.

Fake crocs can come in way too many colors. You name it, and they have it. But the real one doesn’t have such colors.

Step-3: Check For The Sizes

An alternative step to resolve the crocs original vs fake fiasco is to check for the sizes. Original crocs have sizes that are a perfect match for your standard shoe size. In contrast, those fake ones might often fall short of the same standard shoe size.

If you have ordered yourself a pair of crocs just the size of your shoes and they fit perfectly then, you already have the real ones. Whereas, if the shoe doesn’t work, even though you have ordered your usual size, then these crocs are the fake ones.

Step-4: Check The Material

This step is an important authentication sign which will readily tell How can you tell if Crocs are fake? If you have ever owned real crocs, you might know how lightweight they are. This feather-like feel with crocs is because of the Croslite material used.

Croslite material is durable and has an anti-skid property. With that said, fake crocs are a bit on the heavier side because they are made using rubber. And on top of that, these fake crocs are often slippery and can be hazardous.

Step-5: Check The Circulation Nubs

Each of the crocs comes with a special circulation nub. These nubs help to have your feet be in the most comfortable position ever. Besides, they help to circulate the blood flow in your feet, making it ergonomic for you.

However, none of the fake crocs come with such circulation nubs. Even if any of them have these nubs, they are not as comfortable as those with the real ones. Now you might know why these real crocs are so comfortable to have.

Step-6: Check For The Logo

The last step is the most important one. With this step, you will know whether you have been hooked with the real crocs or the fake ones. The logo on the real crocs has a Duke logo present on the footbed. Besides, this Duke has these six even bumps along with two hands. And not only this, these hands have three fingers each. So, giving you a clear idea of the real ones.

Whereas the fake ones might not have such intricate details with the logo. Moreover, the real ones have a logo of crocs written just alongside the sole. And on the opposite side, you might get to notice the name of the model.

Where Are Real Crocs Made From?

According to the official website of crocs, they are made in the United States, Canada, China, Mexico, and Italy. The material Croslite closed-cell foam is used from the countries as mentioned. If your crocs have any other country written over it, then they might be fake.

Are Fake Crocs Harmful To Feet?

Fake crocs may often not have proper ankle support, which may make your feet trippy. Besides, the fake ones are usually made using cheap material. This ordinary material used in fake crocs might give you feet allergies. In rare cases, it might make your feet tired too soon.

Why Are Real Crocs So Expensive?

Real crocs might be a bit pricier than the fake ones. The reason behind it is the material used in making the real crocs. The material Croslite is used in real crocs, which is expensive to produce. So, now you know why these crocs are sold with a hefty price tag.

Do Real Crocs Have Any Special Benefits?

Real crocs can provide long-term relief from many of the foot problems. As they are considered to be therapeutic, people who had foot surgeries can have them. It gives comfort yet that stylish look altogether.

Final Words

Hopefully, we have resolved all of your crocs original vs fake queries for you. crocs can give the comfiest wear ever, only if you get to choose the authentic ones.

Do keep the points mentioned in this article if you get to purchase them ever. However, for a safer side, always buy crocs from their original website. This way, you will save yourself from getting scammed.


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