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How To Tell If Eclipse Glasses Are Fake?

How To Tell If Eclipse Glasses Are Fake?

“Are you struggling to find authentic eclipse glasses and want to know how to spot fake ones? Well, the eclipse economy is in full swing. Eclipse glasses are short in supply, and so fake eclipse glasses are being sold. People with low or no knowledge do get easily fooled and buy fake eclipse glasses at high costs.”

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It is pretty challenging to find out whether the eclipse glasses you are buying are real or fake? We can understand your problem and are here to help you out with this problem. In this piece of content, we will tell you how to spot fake eclipse glasses?

What To Look For In Eclipse Glasses?

To know what to look for in a pair of safe eclipse glasses is really important. Many people don’t know what they are finding in their desired product and so get easily fooled by cunning vendors.

There are a few basic things you need to check or have knowledge of in a pair of authentic and safe eclipse glasses. They are the ISO of the glasses, the darkness of the glasses, main features etc. You should have thorough research about the trustworthy vendors and manufacturers of eclipse glasses to stay away from fraud.

1. Check ISO Number

As per the research of American Astronomical society’s “AAS ” research, a genuine and safe pair of eclipse glasses should have the ISO 12312-2(sometimes written in more detail as 12312-2:2015). It is the international safety standard for eclipse glasses. It shows that the glasses have reduced the sunlight to safe levels and have blocked UV rays and IR radiations.

If your glasses do not have this ISO, then those glasses are fake, and they will not protect you from harmful UV and IR radiation, and they will cause severe eye damage.

2. Test The Glasses

First of all, a pair of authentic and safe eclipse glasses are much darker than ordinary sunglasses. According to AAS, the solar filtered eclipse glasses are many thousand times darker than ordinary sunglasses.

Do check your eclipse glasses if they are darker than sunglasses or not to find out whether they are fake or real.

You should not be able to see anything except for the sun or any bright object through authentic eclipse glasses. You have to test the eclipse glasses first. For that, the AAS suggests to check Sunlight reflected off a mirror or metal object. If less light is transmitted, that means the glasses are safe.

3. Vender Research

Unfortunately, fake eclipse glasses are being sold with the labelled ISO 12312-2, and people are also being fooled by those vendors.

To double-check that your eclipse glasses are real do check whether the vendor from whom you purchase your eclipse glasses is claimed to be trustworthy in the eyes of AAS or not.

Check out the AAS list of Reputable Vendors of Solar Filter. Do try to approach vendors with good ratings in the AAS assembling list and then contact them to achieve the desired product.

Are There Any Side Effects of Fake Eclipse Glasses?

Yes, fake eclipse glasses will not be effective in any way possible. They will not protect you from harsh UV rays and IR radiations. What’s the benefit of paying money for anything that is not even doing its job?

The most enormous side effect of fake eclipse glasses is that you pay its actual cost but do not get the genuine product. It is just a waste of money.

Can They Damage Your Eyes?

Yes, fake eclipse glasses can be really dangerous for your eyes. Scientists claim that fake eclipse glasses can cause a risk of severe eye damage and permanent blindness.

Scientists also state that fake eclipse glasses can literally cook your retina that would end up in complete blindness for a person. Again the same question occurs: why to choose blindness in exchange for money?

How Are Fake Eclipse Different From Authentic Eclipse Glasses?

Fake eclipse glasses do lack the essential features of eclipse glasses. Authentic eclipse glasses are way darker than the normal sunglasses, whereas the fake ones are not that dark. Real ones can transmit only 0.00032 percent of sunlight while the fake ones lack this feature.

The main difference between real eclipse glasses and fake eclipse glasses is the ISO of both glasses. Change in ISO clearly shows that the glasses are fake. You should not be able to see anything except for the sun and bright objects through authentic eclipse glasses.

How to Find Genuine Eclipse Glasses?

To find genuine and safe eclipse glasses, first, check out the AAS assembling list. In that list, all those manufacturers are added who are reputed and trustworthy in the eyes of AAS.

Approach those vendors who are reputed and trustworthy to get genuine eclipse glasses according to your choice. Always remember quality is always the priority, and we cannot compromise on the quality.


Eclipse glasses are short in supply, and so greedy vendors get a chance to fool people. They do sell fake and inferior quality eclipse glasses to innocent customers. People do struggle to find genuine eclipse glasses. We are here to solve your problem of how to spot fake eclipse glasses.

Before buying eclipse glasses, you should have a look at some essential points. First of all, check the ISO of the eclipse glasses. If it is labelled 12312-2, then it is real. But unfortunately, greed has made people so selfish they are selling it with fake labels.

We have some other methods as well to identify fake eclipse glasses. Remember, the authentic and safe eclipse glasses are way darker than the ordinary sunglasses. The fake eclipse glasses are not that darker.

Authentic eclipse glasses are safer for the eyes. Scientists claim that the fake eclipse can cook your retina and can cause complete blindness. Do research before approaching any vendor to purchase eclipse glasses, and do check every feature before buying to avail the best product.

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