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How to Spot A Fake Michael Kors Bag?

How to Spot A Fake Michael Kors Bag?

“How to spot a fake Michael Kors bag? Buying a designer handbag is a big decision, and that’s why it’s important to make sure that you don’t get stiffed. Michael Kors branded leather goods are demanded by people all across the globe. When a brand becomes popular, we all know that some counterfeits start to emerge.  “

As a result, some customers buy fake bags and willingly knock off their wallets. Many others can not differentiate between an original and a fake bag. If you are facing the same issue, relax because in this article you will find all the detail about ‘how to spot a fake Michael Kors bag?

Real Vs Fake Michael Kors Bag

Spotting a real Michael Kors bag means paying close attention to each detail and observing the counterfeit’s lack of craftsmanship. A real Michael Kors bag is made of Saffiano leather that is heavy and strong. The weight of an authentic Michael Kors bag is much heavier than an imitation purse. The Handbag side panel structure is neatly tucked in.

On the other hand, counterfeits use pleather or any other type of leather inferior to Saffiano leather. The exterior of the fake Michael Kors bag is textured and can be easily folded. Many fake bags have a crease on the back or front due to improper storage. Let’s take a brief look at each detail to know how to spot a fake Michael Kors bag?

1. Zipper Opening

To ensure that if you are purchasing a real Michael Kors bag, you need to inspect its zipper. By keen observation, you will instantly assess if the bag is authentic or fake.

Zipper Opening of A Fake Michael Kors Bag

A zipper pull in a fake Michael Kors bag typically uses the rounded logo and is usually made of plastic with a metallic finish. The counterfeit handbags also don’t feature a zipper stop.

Zipper Opening Of An Original Michael Kors Bag

Real Michael Kors zippers have a brass finish. They are usually paired with an elongated zipper pull. It also has an expanded Michael Kors logo is engraved neatly onto the pull.

2. Examine The Straps And Handles  

You can easily spot a fake Michael Kors bag by paying close attention to the bag’s straps and handles. You only need to compare the quality and length of the straps.

Straps And Handles of A Fake Michael Kors Bag

The shoulder straps on a fake Michael Kors bag has a band stitched into the seam and are sure to break. The hardware (buckle to fasten straps) on it is so weak, golden in colour, and doesn’t have the engraved logo on the side. It features a much longer shoulder strap than a real bag. The handles are filled with foam tubes, giving a flimsy feel when the purse is carried.

Straps And Handles of A Real Michael Kors Bag

An authentic Michael Kors Bag’s loop is stitched above the seam. It features heavy and strong metal buckles to fasten the straps, slightly copper in colour. It has the Michael Kors logo engraved on the side too. The handle is stiff and tight.

3. Handbag Lining  

The lining pattern in an authentic Michael Kors bag has a circle with an MK logo printed consistently on the fabric. The circle and MK logo are of the same colour. The back lining and the pocket lining do not match in a fake bag. The encircled logos often face opposite and or in different directions.

Fake Michael Kors Interior Bag Lining

The fake Michael Kors handbags use a darker fabric. The circle and Mk logo are different in colour. Usually, the pockets in counterfeit purses are crooked. The fabric piece of the pocket is often two pieces slapped together.

Real Michael Kors Interior Bag Lining

An original Michael Kors bag uses a soft and pale fabric for its lining. All the letters of the MK logo pattern face the same direction regardless of placement inside the bag. One side of the lining will have a zipper pocket with a piece of leather framing the zip.

Methods to Spot A Fake Michael Kors Bag

1. Examine The Tag  

Search inside the bag to find a high-quality tag. Check the bottom and top layer; they will be grey and white, respectively. Make sure that there is text printed on them. The top of the white tag will have a 12-digit code; type that code in the google search bar to confirm the correct model of the bag.

2. Observe The Quality of Materials  

Flip the bag to check for any frayed stitches. Don’t ever buy a bag that lacks even stitching. Give special attention to the bag’s zippers and take a detailed look. See if the stitches are straight, not overlapped.

3. Keenly Examine The Metal Work  

Check to see if the metal logo is polished. If the metal edges seem puffy, then the bag might be fake. Michael Kors Logo is made with a crisp and neat edge in the metalwork. Hold the metal detailing to examine how heavy they are, and if the bag is real, they must be extraordinarily heavy.

What Is Michael Kors Handbags Original Price?

Michael Kors Handbags fall within the range of $50 to $18,000. The official Michael Kors website updates the brand’s price list from time to time and it lists the occasional sailing price as well.

What Is Saffiano Leather?

Saffiano leather is textured leather, made from the highest quality calf leather. It has a cross-hatch finish. It is highly durable, scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

Is Michael Kors A Luxurious Brand?

Yes, Michael Kors is known across the globe. Michael Kor is an award-winning designer of luxurious and ready to wear accessories. A Michael Kors handbag is not only a fashion statement, but it is a perfect and practical accessory for any outfit.


To conclude, some Micheal kors bags designs may confuse first-time buyers. So, it’s important to look for different features of Micheal Kors bag to get prepared in advance to verify that you are purchasing a real Michael Kors bag.

If you are still unsure how to identify an original Michael Kors bag? Feel free to visit an official retailer near you to get acquainted with the real thing.

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