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How To Tell If A Puff Bar Is Fake?

How To Tell If A Puff Bar Is Fake?

“Are you planning a puff bar party with your friends but got scammed once again with fake puff bars? Well, we understand how embarrassing and stressful it could be when all of your guests are waiting for their favorite flavors and have got a fake puff bar instead of the original one. “

Nowadays, consumers have come into contact with low-quality, knock-off products, causing both aggravation and risk. The quality of a clone or counterfeit device cannot be guaranteed. So, how to tell if a puff bar is fake?

The usage of counterfeit products is annoying due to a variety of causes, including inadequate quality control. Do you know how to detect a fake Puff Bar now that they’ve made their way into the market?

Well, don’t worry, as this comprehensive guide will assist you in determining whether your Puff Bar is genuine or counterfeit. So stick to this article as five minutes read to this article will help you choose the right puff bar for the future.

How To Spot Difference Between Real And Fake Puff Bar?

You should look at certain things when buying an original puff bar, so stick to this article as this section will help you differentiate between real and fake puff bars.

  • Code Of Authentication

Every PUFF Bar package is covered with a scratch-off verification label. Register and authenticate your PUFF Bar using the authorization number on the box to prevent using fake items.

  • The Shade Of The Puff Bar

Each one of the PUFF Bars arrives in packaging with a transition color scheme. The PUFF Bar is most likely fraudulent if the color looks grainy or the pattern differs from the original product line.

Any changes in the typeface on the rear and side of the bar could indicate a fake PUFF Bar. The typeface must be consistent across the box, with no visible differences in boldness or style.

  • Taste Of Juice

If the liquid feels strong and the vapor generation isn’t consistent using a PUFF Bar, it’s most likely a counterfeit. In this instance, we urge that you stop immediately using the device and record it with us. If the product is genuine, but the liquid tastes bitter, contact the official website for a free replacement.

Can We Verify Puff Bars Through Websites?

Simply peel off the rear of your puff bar label and submit your security code into the original Puff Bar Site verification page: Another method for verification is that scan the round Puff Id sticker with your cellphone camera.

You will be automatically connected to Puff Bar’s authentication login screen after scanning the unique sticker. This will reveal whether the device is genuine or not.

But now, the new edition of puff bars introduces the latest way to san for real products.  Every product is given a one-of-a-kind trademark that can’t be duplicated, comparable to a thumbprint.

The technology is driven by Cypheme and has five levels of protection: a specific chemical fingerprint, machine intelligence, private internet cloud, high energy, and UV light 365 nm response.

What Things Should You Look For Verification?

Fake and replica manufacturing companies attempt to manufacture exact replicas of the things they duplicate. Some are able to come close, but you can easily spot the difference if you know what to look for. So in this section you’ll be able to determine how to tell if a puff bar is fake?

To begin with, every Puff Bar is made up of the following distinct parts: the gadget, it’s packing, and its display. Try to look for all four of the following if at all possible:

  • Display box for ten packs (if possible)
  • Device covering
  • Wrapper for the device
  • The original device

From the display box to the device packing to the device wrapper, official Puff Bar devices come in three different pieces of packaging. To determine if your Puff Bar is authentic or counterfeit, look for specific characteristics in each piece.

  • Display Case

When a business buys Puff Bars in quantity, they arrive in display cases containing ten gadgets each. The amount of gadgets in the display case is the first thing to look for. It isn’t a legitimate product if it contains anything other than 10 Puff Bars.

  • Packaging

The back of the package has details about Puff Bar as well as usage directions. A code will be located in the back center, and a nicotine caution notice will be located at the bottom. Look for a label with a scratch-off region that reveals a code to verify the legitimacy of your gadget.

  • Wrapper

The device itself is housed under a tearaway sheet after you open a Puff Bar package. The covering should have the perfect color to match the flavor of the bar. The white Bar symbol, the taste, and the nicotine dosage will all be included in the bar.

  • Puff Bar Device

You’ll be able to tell if your Puff Bar is genuine or counterfeit once you get the item in your hands. Each flavor of Puff Bar has its distinct shade. The color of the item must be the same as the packaging and box it arrived in.

The Puff Symbol with copyright, the flavor’s name, the nicotine dosage, and an arrow indicating where you inhale from should all be printed on each Puff Bar gadget. There will be two deep gouges in the bottoms of all genuine Puff Bar gadget.

Is Kado a Forgery of a Puff Bar?

In order to deter fraudsters, Puff Bar used to imprint ‘Kado’ upon each bar and packaging. But nowadays this kado is no more printed on the latest products.

Is Puff Bar Bad For Your Health?

Tobacco is extremely addictive and has the potential to damage teenagers and young adults due to its effects on the developing brain.

Which Website Sells Original Puff Bars?

The original website for puff bars is


Hope this article helps you in determining how to tell if a puff bar is fake? In case if you have any further queries be free to mail us.

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