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How To Spot Fake Pokemon Cards?

How To Tell If Pokemon Cards Are Fake?

“Counterfeits are becoming common in almost every brand item. As Pokémon card collectors increase, Pokémon cards have also become a massive target of fake card producers and counterfeits.”

Now, there is a good chance that you might have bought Pokémon cards from somewhere, but now you think that you have been scammed for money.

You might be wondering how to spot fake pokemon cards.  Read along to get quick tips to distinguish between real and fake Pokémon cards!S

Tips For Detecting Fake Vs. Real Pokémon Cards

Well, not to worry, because there are various methods to spot fake vs. real pokemon cards. It may seem hard at first, but once you get a grip on how to spot fake pokemon cards, it will be like child’s play.

In this article, we will go through all the details about how to spot a fake pokemon card. So, whether you want to know beforehand or you’ve been unfortunately scammed, read along to dig more into it!

  • The Back Of Card

We are starting with the best and most verifiable technique on how to spot fake pokemon cards?

Simply turn the card upside down so that you can observe the blue side of the card. 80% of counterfeits have been spotted through this technique. Back of fake cards usually has low-quality art and light blue color as compared to genuine ones.

If you observe the top right corner above the Pokémon ball, there will only be a light blue color. But in genuine cards, this area is designed with various spots of light and dark shades of blue.

  • Font And Spelling

Genuine cards have their own unique fonts and spelling. Fake card generators often can’t copy the unique font of Pokémon cards. This helps in detecting the copied or fake version of Pokémon cards.

Compare two same cards bought from different stores, you will be able to spot the difference in fonts immediately. Other than font differences, fake cards will also have various spelling mistakes, which are easily detectable.

One more thing to notice about the formatting of text on Pokémon cards is the font size. Fake cards frequently have too large or too small font sizes as compared to authentic Pokémon cards. This checking font and spelling method are quick, as you can spot the difference with just a bird’s eye view.

  • Energy Symbols

The energy symbols are also a great help on how to spot a fake pokemon card? Just like the difference in the formatting of text, energy symbols on fake cards also look misplaced or distorted. The inner art of energy symbols is often too large or too small.

On genuine cards, energy symbols are placed beneath the attack’s description. But in some cases, energy symbols are entirely missing in fake Pokémon cards. Although it’s an obvious give way, we may forget to notice it if it’s completely missing.

If you are a consistent Pokémon card collector, then make it a habit to check energy symbols to avoid scams. If the symbol is present on the card but looks odd, remember to observe the whole card before buying it.

  • Health/ Damage Points

One more way to distinguish between real and fake Pokémon cards is to check the health/damage points. Fake Pokémon cards often have unrealistic health and damage points. The point to note is that Pokémon cards never have health points more than 300. The same goes for the damage points.

Counterfeit cards may have more than 300 health and damage points. This is utterly unrealistic as no Pokémon can do damage of more than 300 in a single attack. So, remember to check the health and damage range on the cards before buying them.

If you are not sure about the health/damage points of a specific card. You can Google it on the spot and check the legitimacy of that Pokémon Card.

  • Packaging

Fake Pokémon cards often come in low quality and odd packaging. Prefer buying sealed Pokémon card packs from well-known stores. It will reduce the chance of being scammed by fake ones. If you observe the packaging, you can quickly detect whether the cards are fake or not.

One more thing to notice on Pokémon cards packaging is the trademark logo. Fake cards frequently don’t have a registered trademark logo. Card collectors should add this habit to their bucket list to avoid counterfeits. Whenever you buy a Pokémon card, find the trademark logo first to avoid wasting money on fake ones.

Is There Any Difference In The Fonts On Fake And Real Card?

Yes, and it is one of the most accessible giveaways. On the one hand, the trademark on the packaging will be missing. While on the other hand, the text on the casing will be much lighter. Both of these mean that this is a fake.

Is There Any Difference In The Picture Of The Pokémon On Fake And Real Card?

Yes, there is a visible difference in the picture of Pokémon on fake and real card. The genuine card will show a high-quality picture of Pokémon. While the fake boxes will offer the lowest quality and cheap image.

My Card Has A Silver Foiled Holographic Effect. Is That Alright?

This is because Pokémon cards also show various holographic effects. But it is different for all cards. Search for different versions of the holographic effect of the card you want to buy to avoid scams. Meanwhile, the fake ones will have some foiling.


All in all, they’re more than just these five ways we’ve listed as to how to spot fake Pokémon cards? The trademark symbol is a must on original Pokémon cards packaging. While the fake ones don’t have trademark symbols.

Similarly, the inner art of energy symbols will be much larger than the fake ones. Lastly, counterfeit manufacturers use low-quality art and light colors.

Cheap copies keep coming into the market daily. So, we might have to stay extra careful even in the future. Keep these few tips in mind regarding how to spot a fake pokemon card to fill your cards collection only with authentic Pokémon cards.


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