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How to Tell if Birkenstocks are Real?

How to Tell if Birkenstocks are Real?

“Have you recently got a new pair of shoes from the renowned Birkenstocks and now you are not sure if it is real or a replica? Do you want to know how to tell if Birkenstocks are real? Or maybe you want to get one but don’t know if you should spend your money on it or not?”

As the technology is processing, everything is now being copied, and this is causing such a mess. From iPhone to Gucci, you name it, and you’ll easily find a large number of replicas circulating in the market.

Birkenstock has paved its way across the international market because of its super comfortable and unique design shoes and sandals. But as its demand increases, people have started to copy their designs and sell them as original ones.

You might be afraid of losing your money to a scammer. So, if you’ve bought a new pair of Birkenstocks, and are not sure about its authenticity, don’t you worry? Let us tell you some ways of how to tell if Birkenstocks are real?

10 Ways to Tell if Your Birkenstocks are Real or Not

To help prevent yourself from getting scammed, use these ten simple yet easy steps to know how to tell if Birkenstocks are real?

1. Check the Store

First of all, choose a renowned and appreciated store if you’re not going for the official store or website of Birkenstocks. Although the official store is the best choice, if due to some reasons you cannot go for the official store, then choose a reliable store.

Birkenstock doesn’t have its store on Amazon anymore. But some stores still sell authentic Birkenstocks so you can check them out. Or you can simply place your order on their official website and get your product delivered to your doorstep. There is a strong chance that a well-known store would send in quality products. So, buy from an authorized seller.

2. Check the Packaging 

The real Birkenstocks come in a quality branded blue box with the brand’s logo imprinted on it. The box also has an image showing the rough sketch of how the shoes in the box look like. The label also has a barcode containing the details of the product. You’ll see the use of special packaging material inside the box as well. So, beware of any normal packaging or no packaging at all.

3. Compare the Prices

Good quality comes with high prices. Birkenstocks are quite pricey. Usually, their sandals range between $29 and $99.

Some range from $110 to $300. However, some collaborated and premium products, such as the ones with microfibers, lie around $400 to $500. So, if you see any Birkenstock priced at a rate that is too good to be true, be aware. That might be a scam.

4. Check the Footbed

Inspecting the footbed of the shoes is perhaps the most important part among the different steps about how to tell if Birkenstocks are real? All of the Birkenstocks shoes have a suede lining and come with a deep heel cup to provide natural cushioning for the heel bone. It also has transverse and longitudinal arch support and a raised the bar.

Also, the Birkenstock logo is imprinted on its footbed along with the “Made in Germany” tag just below the logo, as well as the shoe size on one side, so do keep an eye on it.

5. Check the sole

The Birkenstocks have a patent for their unique style soles. The premium items may have different solo designs, but usually, the Birkenstock soles come with hourglass-shaped pattern soles. This is an important point to check because not every replica would pay heed to these minor details.

6. Check the Logo

Each shoe strap of Birkenstocks original shoes has its logo written on the inner side of the strap. You can feel this neatly debossed logo on the strap when you move your fingers over it.

7. Check Buttons and Buckles

Every button or buckle of the original Birkenstock shoes has its text logo debossed on it. You can easily find these on big buckles.

8. Check the Weight

Good quality items are a luxury. They are made to provide comfort. Hence, the original Birkenstocks would be very lightweight. If your Birkenstock feels heavier than normal, this might be a sign that you have got the wrong product for yourself.

9. Check the Material Quality

Premium materials are one of the most prominent things when it comes to a branded product. Birkenstocks only use premium quality matter for their products.

The shoes are made up of high quality, unsplit, thick leather and a durable Birko-Flor, which is also thick and rigid. All the materials used are friendly to your skin, making it easier for you to walk, even for a long time.

10. Check Overall Quality

Finally, check the overall quality of the product. The high standards of the company make sure that no defective product reaches the customer. Worn-out parts, excessive glue, cheap material quality, etc. are all signs of a fake Birkenstock. The whole product should be neatly aligned.

What is COSMO certified?

By COSMO certified, the brand means that all the products of Birkenstock meet the requirements for natural cosmetics products in Europe.

Are COSTCO Birkenstocks real?

Yes, all the COSTCO Birkenstocks are real. It’s just that they differ in some features. For an instance, some models have leather foot bedding while others may have different foot beddings. Hence, they feel a bit different.

Is Amazon an authorized Birkenstock Dealer?

Unfortunately, Amazon is no longer an authorized Birkenstock dealer. The brand ended its terms with Amazon saying that some of its business practices are unacceptable. However, some stores continue to sell Birkenstock shoes on Amazon.


All in all, there are always more than these ways we have listed as to how to tell if Birkenstocks are real? You can always do your research.

But to be very honest, don’t be too blindfolded by the seller or store you’ve chosen. Fakes will always be there. Go for stores with good exchange and return policies. It’s better to be on the safe side. You just need to be a bit careful.


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