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How To Tell If Costas Are Fake?

How To Tell If Costas Are Fake?

“Running into a fake version of branded items is never fun, especially when you spend your hard-earned money buying them.”

Costa Del Mar Men’s Fantail 580P Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses, Matte Black/Grey Blue Mirrored Polarized-580P, 59 mm

Costas are also a massive target of fake sunglasses generators. There’s a big chance that you might also have encountered fake Costas. We will share quick tricks to help you identify the real deal.

You’re probably wondering as to how to tell if Costas are fake or not? Well, allow us to help!

Brief History of Costas

Rey Ferguson introduced Costa Del Mar in 1983. Since its foundation, Costa has become popular among surfers and fishermen. Its popularity was mainly due to its sun glare protection.

Now, it has become the world’s most prominent brand of sunglasses. Other than their well-known sunglasses, they also take pride in their social activities and donation programs.

How To Know If Costas Are Real?

Well, worry not, because there are many ways to ensure that your Costas are real or fake. And in this article, we will be going over all those details. So, whether you’ve been unfortunately cheated, or want to know beforehand, read along and find out!

  • Cost and Retailer

The cost and place from where you buy your Costa also makes a big difference in this regard. A decent pair of Costa sunglasses is around 150$, but if you find it around 20-30$, it’s fake. Be wary of the price of Costa to avoid fake sunglasses!

Another thing to take into consideration is the place from where you are purchasing it. Make sure to buy it from Costa or authorized retailers. There is a chance that you might get real sunglasses from street vendors as well. But stay cautious as street vendors often sell fake products.

Moreover, real Costas come with a warranty as well. Costas from scammers will certainly not have a warranty. The only way to make sure that you purchase real Costa Del Mar is to buy from authorized retailers.

  • Rubber Detailing

Another quick legitimacy check for your Costa is the unique rubber detailing on it. The original Costa will surely have rubber designs on the arms and nose piece. You should observe these details before purchasing the sunglasses.

These rubber details were designed to bring a grip on the sunglasses. If Costas are fake, then sunglasses will frequently slide off your nose, which is an obvious hook to spot fake sunglasses. So, make sure to observe this rubber detailing closely before making a real deal with the Costa seller.

  • Lenses

This one is the most obvious knock-off in fake Costas. Costa is popular for its luxurious and best quality lenses in the market. If your Costas doesn’t have high quality polarized lenses, then you probably have fake sunglasses. The characteristics to notice in the lenses of your Costa to spot real ones are explained here.

Fake lenses are thin, wavy and have a slightly different shape from the real ones. Another thing to notice is the etching of lenses. If the lenses have a fine etching of about 580p, they are real ones. Lenses not reaching the 580p etching, whether they are glass or polycarbonate lenses, are fake ones.

  • Model Information

This sort of feature might look negligible to you, but it makes a big difference in how to tell if Costas are fake? You can see the information about your Costa model on its inside frame. This information is given in two lines. But fake Costas usually have model info in a single line, which is an obvious mistake.

Moreover, in fake versions, the patent number is also missing in model information. Other than this, another obvious mistake of scammers is the magical number’ 580′. How? Let me explain. Fake Costas will have ‘580’ written in the model information, while real ones will certainly not have.

  • Packaging

Another thing to ponder about how to tell if Costas are fake is the packaging. You can figure out the real deal solely through the packaging of your Costa. Real Costa will include a cloth, warranty card and a case in its packaging.

If any of the mentioned accessories are missing in your Costa packaging, it’s a major red flag. You can assume that you have got a fake Costa, especially when the warranty card is missing.

Are the Cheap Costas Real?

Costas come up around 150$. But if you run into someone selling these for 20-30$, then these are obviously fake ones. Therefore, it is suggested to buy from Costa or authorized sellers.

Are Costas Sold on Amazon Fake?

No, as Amazon is a huge platform selling authorized items from only authorized sellers. You can check the customer reviews to make sure that the Costas are real.

Are Costas Made in China?

Yes! Costas is basically produced by four main countries: China, Taiwan, Japan and Mauritius. Mostly, the parts of Costas are made in China and assembled in the USA.

The Lenses of My Costa are Not Polarized. Is it Alright?

The lenses of all models of Costas are polarized. If your pair doesn’t have polarized lenses, then it might be fake ones.


All in all, they’re more than just these five ways we’ve listed as to how to spot fake Costas? While looking for a Costa model, firstly look for things like price, model information, lenses and rubber details.

While you are worried about running into fake sunglasses, make sure to buy from Costa or authorized retailers to reduce the chance of getting fake ones. However, it may not be the friendliest thing for your wallet to buy authentic Costas.

But once you are assured you have authentic Costas, it will be the friendliest thing to your eyes and eyes safety.

Secondly, make sure your pair of sunglasses have 580p etching. Lastly, read the model information on the arms on the inner frame. If it’s printed in only one line, then you have the fake pairs of Costas. Lastly, ‘580p’ is etched on the top left corner of the lens of real Costa.

Cheap copies keep coming into the market on a daily basis. So, we might have to stay extra careful even in the future.

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