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How To Tell If Uggs Are Fake?

How To Tell If Uggs Are Fake?

“Are you interested in wearing UGGs shoes but aren’t sure how to spot the real ones from the fakes? Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We all know that coziness and comfort are two key elements to consider when it comes to shoes.”

UGG Men’s Neumel Boot, Chestnut, 10

However, we understand that discovering these features in your uggs might be tricky due to the large amounts of scammers on the market. So, let’s get real for a second. If you’re considering getting a pair of UGGs as a gift for yourself or someone else, keep an eye out for fakes.

Protect your hard-earned cash by learning how to tell if uggs are fake and how to care for your boots. So reading this post will save you time because it will answer all of your questions about uggs. If you want to learn more, scroll down to the bottom.

7 Tips To Spot Fake Vs. Real UGGs

There are things to consider when purchasing uggs, but we have compiled a list of the most crucial ones for your convenience to know how to tell if uggs are fake.

1. Check The Furs

Genuine ugg boots are deep, creamy, thick, fluffy, and have soft fur lining. Counterfeit boots are a pale greyish tint with a thin, ragged look like plastic. You can also rub it to see whether it is fake or real. If bits and pieces fall off, the fur is most likely false. The fur on genuine UGGs should never fall off easily because it is bonded to the suede side.

2. Check The Soles

The soles of genuine UGG boots are flexible and have a lot of giving, giving the impression of walking on clouds. They are inflexible and difficult to bend in fake ones. The soles of genuine UGG boots are likewise half-inch thick.

However, the soles of counterfeit UGG boots are thinner, measuring a quarter-inch thick. Moreover, On the bottom of the soles of genuine UGGs, there is a registered R in a circle adjacent to the word “UGG.” This used to be an easy way to determine the difference between real and fake UGGs.

3. Check The Height

Fake boots are taller than actual boots. Real boots have a shaft height of 11 34 inches (29.845 cm), but the height of fake boots can be up to 2 inches (5.08 cm).

4. Check Heel Label

You can tell the boots are counterfeits if the font is huge and styled improperly. The threads on the fake UGG boots’ label will be uneven and misaligned. On fake boots, the label will be broad and awkwardly stitched. The fakes usually have larger letters, poor stitching, and off-shade colors.

5. Check The Packaging

Genuine boots are packaged in a durable box made of tough cardboard. It came in two-piece boxes with removable tops or one-piece boxes with a flip-top lid. However, the plastic wrapper is another aspect of the packaging that you can inspect.

The plastic used to cover the real boots should be thick with “UGG” printed. They should be printed clearly on thick, high-quality paper with good ink – not hazy, blurry, or digitized. However, Fake ones are made of low-grade thin plastic and nearly do not have any printing.

6. Check The Security Features

UGG has used security measures on its labels and packaging since the fall of 2010, beginning with the holographic sun logo, which rotates from black to white when rotating 90 degrees.However, these features are not found in fake one.

7. Check QR code

QR code has been applied to the sewn-in security label on the left shoe of the real one. Scan the barcode with any smartphone to be transported to UGG’s official website, where you can confirm the item’s authenticity. However, 5his QR coding feature is not present in the fake one.

How To Care for Your Ugg Boots So They Last Longer?

So if you want to protect your uggs and wish to make them look longer, you must follow these tips and tricks below.

Use a water and stain repellent on your Uggs boots as soon as you remove them from the box.

Never leaving your uggs to soak in water for an extended amount of time can cause them to lose their shape and damage their adhesives, resulting in water stains.

Never put your Uggs near a direct heat source, such as a radiator or an electric heater, as this may fade the color and cause the materials to dry up and become brittle.

When washing your Uggs, use the cleaning solution on a sponge or a cloth. If you use cleaning solutions directly on your boots, you risk leaving dark spots or stains.

Before storing your moist Uggs boots, make sure they are totally dry. If you rush the drying process and keep the shoes in a still wet closet, mold can form on the boots.

Can You Wear Socks With UGGs?

The answer might be yes or no. Because wearing socks with your Uggs boots helps to prevent odors from developing. However, UGGs are natural insulators, they only perform to their full potential when worn on bare skin, so they are much warmer without socks than they are with socks.

What Material Is Used To Make Ugg Boots?

Like all authentic leather products, Uggs boots are made of animal skin. They’re normally made of twin-faced sheepskin with a soft fleece lining on the inside, a tanned exterior, and a synthetic soft rubber foam sole.

Can You Wash Your UGGs In The Machine?

No, a machine wash could rip the fabric, harm the inner lining, and potentially create more discoloration due to water and chemical detergents.


Summing it all, wearing this footwear is a great experience as you cannot compare Uggs to any other design in terms of comfort or durability. Finding the proper pair of UGGs, on the other hand, is considerably more difficult for newbies who don’t know how to distinguish between fake and genuine Uggs.

However, after reading our article, we hope that you will know how to tell if uggs are fake. So, when are you going to buy yours?


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