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How to Identify Fake Products on Amazon? Everything You Need to Know!

How to Identify Fake Products on Amazon? Everything You Need to Know!

“Are you looking for tips to avoid third-party sellers giving you fake products on Amazon? Or you want to save your money on the real-looking but fake products? Well, no worries! You’ve just landed at the right platform.”

No doubt Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms, but it still has some black sheep in the community. Many fake sellers at Amazon are trapping people looking for branded products. So if you’re looking about how to identify fake products on Amazon, read the following article in detail.

Let’s get started without any further ado!

Tips to Identify Fake Products on Amazon

With the increase in Amazon sales, there are many chances that you’ll end up purchasing a counterfeit product. But don’t worry! We will not let you dump your money to scammers. Here are some tips that will help you identify fake products on Amazon in no time.

  • Look for the Seller

Not every seller you see on Amazon is ready to sell you genuine products. Third-party sellers are the ones who are always eager to clear out their inventories by creating fake accounts on Amazon. They make their products look natural, but in actuality, they are fake. That is why it is suggested to have a profound look at the seller profile before purchasing any product.

Other than this, third-party sellers are present in three forms. They ship the ordered product directly to the customers. They also ship products to the Amazon warehouses where the reliability and the quality of products aren’t checked. In addition to these factors, third-party sellers get the products from the commingled general stock.

  • Check Customer Reviews

Reviews are the primary proof of the reliability and genuine nature of the product. So, all you need to do is look for the number of customer reviews before purchasing anything on Amazon. The greater the customer reviews, the higher the product’s real nature. You can identify fake products by just looking at their reviews.

Very short or very long reviews show the suspicious activity on the Amazon profile. Not only this, only five-star and one-star reviews are also considered fake reviews on Amazon. Thus, if you’ve found a product whose reviews are somewhat like those mentioned above, it is better not to purchase it.

  • Get Aware of Red Flags

Many visible signs can make you aware of the fakeness of any product. Almost everyone is well aware of the prices of genuine products. Brands sell their products at pretty high prices. Thus, if you’ve found a visually branded product at a low cost, it must be fake. Even slightly low prices of the branded products give a red flag that the seller is fake.

That is why experts suggest using worthy extensions to get a better idea about the product’s reliability before purchasing it. One of these websites is known as All you need to do is upload the listing on this website and know everything about the details of the product and its seller.

  • Inspect the Merch

Another pro-tip to get a better idea of how to identify fake products on Amazon is to take a brief inspection of the product online. You can ask the seller about the quality of the materials and accessories present. There should not be a slight compromise in the quality of the product. If you find any odd factor in the quality, don’t purchase it.

  • Evaluate the Shipping Logistics

Many fake sellers on Amazon take a longer time to ship their products to the customers. In this way, if your order is taking too long to deliver, it will surely be fake. Almost all third-party sellers on Amazon don’t see their sales on their accounts for around fourteen days. So, they will take more time to deliver your product than the real sellers.

  • Be Aware of the Unrealistic Details

Another clever trick that many sellers use to trap their customers is the addition of unrealistic details on their listings. They often add deals on the products even when no sales are going on in the store. So, you’re going to get trapped if you’re planning to purchase a sale product in a store without sales going on.

  • Examine the Product Photo Clearly

In the present world, there are many opportunities for sellers to scam users. They can quickly steal photos from online sources to make their product look authentic. Due to this problem, you should spend more time examining the product photos on the Amazon storefront. You can even ask the sellers to show you actual photos of the product. If the seller isn’t showing you product photos, there must be something wrong.

What to Do After Purchasing a Fake Product from Amazon?

You don’t have to bother if Amazon’s third-party sellers are scamming you. After realising that you have purchased a fake product from amazon, you can reach Amazon customer service and fill out a refund request form for the purchased product. Amazon will run an inquiry to return you the lost amount of money.

Is Amazon Responsible for Fake Products?

However, the debate for the responsibility of the fake products at Amazon is still on. But according to recent research, third parties are responsible for the shipping of fake products on Amazon. Amazon will only be helping you to get your money back as soon as possible.

Why There So Many Fake Products on Amazon?

Amazon is the largest online selling platform with more than 15% third-party sellers. They are the ones who are always trying to sell fake products at high prices. Third-party sellers take care of the negative reviews and catch the attention of the buyers with their strategies and tricks. Thus, almost all the fake products on Amazon are from third parties.


Online shopping platforms are full of scams these days. Amazon is no exception to it. But you don’t have to worry about wasting your money. We have explained everything about how to identify fake products on Amazon. Give this article a read and purchase only authentic products.

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