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How To Tell If Airpod Pros Are Fake?

How To Tell If Airpod Pros Are Fake?

“Are you looking to buy a pair of Apple Airpods for yourself but don’t know how to spot fake ones on the market? Well, worry not, we’ve got your back. Apple AirPods are the best if you’re looking to enjoy your music when you’re on the run. “

New Apple AirPods Pro

Considering the success of these wireless headphones, many people out there have tried their hand at building and selling fake ones. These fake earphones hold no candle to the original pair’s quality and performance.

For untrained eyes like yours, it might be easy to get duped into buying a fake pair. We understand in these circumstances; you’ll be worried about losing your precious money but don’t fret too much. In this article, we will be talking all about how to tell if airpod pros are fake or not. So, keep reading.

What To Look For?

Here are a couple of tips on how to tell if airpod pros are fake.

1. Check The Serial Number

This is the fastest and the most reliable way to tell apart fake pods from real ones. Many people don’t know this, but all Apple products come with a serial number. The best part is that you can confirm the serial number on Apple’s website.

You can find a serial number for the AirPods you’re going to buy on the inside of the case. Once you find the code, you can head over to Simply enter the serial code here, and the website will tell you if your AirPods are real or not.

However, the tick might not always work since someone might put fake pods in a real case which is why we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve further ahead.

2. Check The Diffuser

Another way to differentiate between fake and real pods is to look at the diffuser. You can find it on the top of the headphones. Legit Pods will have the diffuser adequately aligned with the circle next to it.

Copycats will miss these tiny details and end up with a diffuser that’s not in line with the circle ahead of it – a clear indication for you not to buy the pair.

3. Check The Bottom Side

Next up, you can also check the bottom side to confirm the authenticity of the headphones. In legit AirPods, you’ll find a grilled area at the bottom. This is also called a diffuser. Apple takes exceptional care of making these diffusers in an oval shape. Fake ones will usually go for a circle one.

Another difference in the defer is about the white stripes. REal Air pods will have two white lines on the surface. In comparison, fake ones will have the white stripes at a deeper level and also of a slightly different shade. It’s a very tiny detail, but it makes all the difference.

4. Check The Lightning Port

Next up, you can check the lightning port. The company-produced Airpods have a metal outline that’s thin and a neat rectangular shape. However, fake pods boast of thicker metal outlines and a slightly different form, which you can only spot if you have the eye for it.

Additionally, if you place a pair of real and a pair of fake Airpods in the same light, you’ll notice that the metal color is different as well.

5. Check The Packaging

Last up, we have Packaging, which is honestly a big dead giveaway when it comes to differentiating between real and fake Airpods.

Coming to the case itself, the circle button is a little lower on original cases compared to fake ones. Then comes the “Designed by Apple in California/Assembled in China” tagline. They are printed in a specific color of grey and in a thin font on the original case.

As for the package itself, if you see any misspelling or typing errors, then it’s a clear sign you’re being sold a fake pair. Additionally, you should know that your original package will come out only with the owner’s manual but also the warranty card and the safety sheet.

6. Try The Magnet Trick 

While looking for original Apple features in the Airpod pair, you’re going to buy all fine and dandy; we’ve got a much simpler way that’ll tell you what you need to know in a jiffy. Many people are not aware, but the original Apple Airpods contain magnetized parts.

When one earbud is brought close to another, the two will repel each other. You’ll find this feature only in the original pair. Fake ones don’t care about taking care of this tiny but essential detail.

Do Real Airpods Say Power Off?

No, real Airpods don’t say power off. They do, however, indicate when the battery is low with a distinctive tone and another tune for when they turn off when the battery dies.

Do Fake Airpods Work With Find My iPhone?

No, fake AirPods don’t work with Find My iPhone. When you buy an original pair of apple headphones, you’ll actually be able to find an AirPods section when you go to Settings > General > About.

Do Fake AirPods Have Serial Numbers?

No, Fake AirPods don’t have serial Numbers. You’ll find serial numbers only on the original Apply product. However, sometimes con artists might get a stolen serial number on their product, but you can easily cross-check it from the website we mentioned earlier.


Summing it up, Apple Airpods are the best when it comes to delivering sound quality in an efficient way. However, given their success, a lot of copycats have pooped up, which can make it hard to get your hands on a legit pair. Luckily, after reading this article, you know all about how to tell if airpod pros are fake or not.

We’ve covered a lot of differences between the real and the fake pair, which should make earphone hunting easy for you. If you still face any trouble, don’t hesitate to hit us up. We’ll be more than happy to take your questions.


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