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How To Identify Original Asics Shoes? A Complete Guide

How To Identify Original Asics Shoes? A Complete Guide

“Are you one of those who have been scammed many times but still unable to find the difference between original and fake Asics shoes? If yes, no worries, as we are here for your rescue. We understand how heart-wrenching it could be for one who pays a high amount of dollars for original Asics shoes but got that fake piece instead. “

ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 7 Running Shoes, 8, Peacoat/HOT Pink

We also know it’s not easy to find the real king among all fake Asics. Yes, we know there are thousands of Asics designs that make it difficult for customers to identify the real one. So what if we become your helping hands and tell you how to identify original Asics shoes with some easy tips and tricks? Sounds amazing, right.

So stick to this article as a 5 min read to this article will save you from wasting your thousands of dollars on fake Asics shoes anymore. Let’s invest your 5 mins to save your 500 dollars.

How To Identify Original Asics Shoes?

Suppose you are thinking about how to identify original Asics shoes out of fake ones. In that case, this part will be worth your time because we have collected all the necessary points you should know before buying a pair of Asics shoes.

1. Box Packaging

The first thing you should go for is its packaging. We all know there are different Asics models, but the thing is that all of these have the same packaging pattern. The original Asics arrives in a durable retail box, so keep in mind the top and sides flaps overlap back into the box for further protection.

It’s worth noting that the head of this flap is square rather than curved. Check for two tabs that press through gaps created into the top part that folds back into the box. Furthermore, notice how the edges have a locking mechanism that does not require any gluing when observed from the inside of the box. The tabs on the turned-over side panels fit right into gaps created onto the sidewalls.

2. Laces Quality

The second thing one should notice while buying an Asics pair is the quality of laces. An additional set of high-quality elastic laces is included with each pair of Asics shoes. Keep in mind the laces are tightly woven and evenly spaced.

Make sure the lace tips are enclosed in a tight plastic cap with the Bait trademark imprinted on it. In case if the logo is not printed so be careful as it’s not an original piece of Asics.

3. Sock liners

If we look in deep, we will see a stamp on sock liners. Moreover, the sock liners of the Asics will be detachable. Examine the sock liner’s structure, which includes molded arcs at the midsole arch.

A size identifier should be imprinted into the fabric, which is typically recognized as a range of two sizes. Check for the Asics mark stamped under the wheel arch, and double-check that the stamping is crisp and clean and that the typography is right.

4. Original Logo

The Asics logo is stamped into the underfoot material of the Asics. Keep in mind the fonts have slightly curved ends and little dots in the center of each character.

Besides the trademark, make sure there’s a tiny certified “R” imprinted into the rubber. Take advantage of this chance to inspect the junction between the bottom and the clear sole for any extra adhesive stains.

Is There Any Site That Sells Original Asics Shoes?

We cannot guarantee one thing that the product purchased online will be original as there are many scams, but authentic Asics footwear purchased on AliExpress or Amazon will be identical to those purchased in the authorized retailer. It means that they will be of excellent strength and reliability.

Nonetheless, pay special attention to the retailer’s reputation and previous buying reviews. Clients appear to be pretty delighted with these shoes, based on what we’ve seen. Another consideration is if the shoes you are purchasing are authentic or copies. We’re sorry, but we can’t offer any more assistance. To tell them apart, look at the price and see if they have the Secured Authenticity icon.

You’ll have to be more cautious if you want to be absolutely certain. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Check to verify if the vendor has a good track record.
  2. Check it out; there are already a lot of copies available.
  3. Examine what other consumers think, which basically means looking for positive responses from customers in different countries.

If you’re still not sure, get in touch with the vendor and ask for images.

Do Asics Shoes Come In Different Models?

Asics has a number of distinguished models with slightly varied attributes, all of which are well-known. Asics includes different models perfect for your running job. Asics believe that a single shoe model cannot fulfill all your demands, so in this regard, Asics offers a variety of different models used for various purposes. This model includes Asics gel Kayano, Asics gel- nimbus, Asics GT 2000, and many more.

Are Asics Shoes Comfortable?

The ASICS walking shoes are outstanding because they use the latest technology that allows you to walk or run naturally rather than battling against the shoe.

Can We Identify Fake Asics Shoes Through Labels?

If you wanna figure out whether your Asics shoe is real or fake so go for a label check. Look for the trademark and font style.

Why Choose Asics Shoes Over Other Brands?

Asics are better at looking after our feet than we are. They take into account our foot type, jogging style, travel distance, regularity of runs, and other factors.

In other words, they put their heart and soul into the shoes they create. If you want a perfect pair for your running schedule, then Asics is a great option.


In short, this article was all about how to identify original Asics shoes out of fame ones. We hope this article helps you in this regard.

Moreover, if you have any further queries, be free to contact us as we are just one mail away.

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