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How To Spot Fake Reviews On Amazon?

How To Spot Fake Reviews On Amazon?

“Are you facing panic because of spotting fake reviews on amazon? Stay with us till the bottom of the page as we show you how to spot fake Amazon reviews.”

Buying fake Amazon reviews is a common practice these days. New sellers in a rush to increase sales buy fake reviews because no one buys unrated products. Fake reviews help to combat this problem. However, this is incorrect because buyers invest a significant amount of money in their purchases.

However, it is unethical and misleading to the poor customers. A customer can spend a lot of money on a purchase, and it’s a shame if that money goes to waste. We’ve compiled a list of well-researched methods for quickly detecting a fake review.

Lucky for you, this article will help you find the right products and be vigilant in the future. Read and spot!

Why Sellers Generate Fake Reviews On Amazon?

Before getting to how to spot fake reviews on Amazon, let’s first talk about generating fake reviews. Recently, it has come to light that many new sellers buy positive reviews to make their products sell more. Amazon has made a very strict policy by targeting people who do this.

People write fake reviews for a small price and free products. Also, they are used to tarnish competitors’ images by generating negative reviews. This proves harmful for small businesses which provide great products.

To end this practice, you can use the following methods. They prove beneficial.

How To Spot Fake Reviews On Amazon In 3 Easy Steps

The fake review is easy to catch. This is because fake reviewers generate reviews for many products and have no interest or knowledge. This makes their reviews generic and often out of place.

You can note these out-of-place reviews and confirm their fakeness using the following three ever-green methods. Read the following steps and get your problem solved for how to spot fake Amazon reviews:

1. Look for Reviews With 2, 3, or 4 Stars

The first thing would be to find reviews with 2, 3, or 4-star reviews. You can do that by clicking on the review options, segregated by how many stars they got. Once you find these reviews, take a quick read.

If the reviews are genuine, one pattern will be repetitive in them. They will have a negative comment about the same feature. If this is not the case, the reviews are fake. They will also be generic like “disgusting product” or “terrible experience.” They will not specify any reason. Similarly, the positive reviews do not identify any reason.

So such patterns and words should be your pinpoints for how to spot fake Amazon reviews.

2. Use the Timestamp Filter

This is one of the best ways to pinpoint fake reviews. This is because the fake reviewers usually review more than one product at the same time, usually in a package of 50s, 100s, or 200s. They are automatically posted at the same time for a better price.

You can check these by clicking on the most recent option. That shows recent reviews. Reviews that are latest and mostly positive, there is a chance those reviews are fake.

Other than these methods, you can always look for a general tone. If the review doesn’t give enough information regarding a bad feature or a good feature, chances are it’s usually fake. Also, you can doubt those reviews which do not include any pictures as evidence.

If the rating pattern is constant for the product, like they repeatedly talk about one or two features, you can be sure they are genuine reviews.

3. Research the Product on Other Sites

This is one of the most reasonable ways to separate reviews, genuine from fake. Read reviews on well-reputed sites. You can also ask your peers who have used amazon products to figure out whether the reviews on amazon are genuine.

Getting adequate feedback about a product is crucial before purchasing it. That way, you know if it is right or not. This self-knowledge helps you to find your answer on how to spot fake reviews on Amazon.

How Do I Remove Fake Reviews On Amazon?

You can click on the “remove feedback” option by logging into your amazon account.

What Do I Do If I Get A Bad Review On Amazon?

You can make use of the following two methods:

  • Ask amazon

You can always ask amazon to remove your negative feedback. This you can do by visiting seller central. You can open up a case with amazon support, and they will help you.

Only the comments which are rude will be responded to and removed. Other than that, amazon hears no excuses for late shipping, etc.

  • Ask the customer 

This doesn’t always work and is also against the amazon policy. In this case, you can ask your customer to remove the comment in exchange for a full refund.

Now it is completely up to you if the refund is worth it. You may ask yourself, what do you value more, wealth or reputation?

How Can You Tell If Reviews Are Fake?

Stick to the following pattern to spot fake reviews on Amazon:

  • General tone
  • Inadequate information
  • Timestamp
  • Contradicting information on other sites

Use these ways well and see how it works out for you!


Fake reviews are on the rise on Amazon. Whether it’s the conduct of low-quality goods vendors or even Amazon counterfeiters, brands that follow the regulations should be aware of the issue.

Brands and customers may spot fake reviews on Amazon by checking the language and wording of the review, the profile of the reviewers, and whether there are a number of like worded reviews on the same page with a keen eye and some diligence.

Finding fake amazon reviews can be tricky but not impossible. Define the pattern, pinpoint the general terms, timestamp, and viola. You are now an expert on how to spot a fake review on Amazon. You can point these out using the above methods.

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