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How To Spot a Fake kN95 Mask?

How To Spot a Fake KN95 Mask?

“Are you worried that you’re going to end up with a face mask and not get the required protection? However, worry not we can help you out. The pandemic is in full swing as it enters its fight wave. With the severe health crisis at our hands, vendors would meet the required safety requirement for masks more than ever, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. “

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Manufacturers have flooded the market with counterfeit masks that do not give the required protection viciously. The fear of ending up with a face mask in the midst of an ongoing pandemic can be paralyzing. Such a simple purchase puts your health at risk as well as your loved ones.

We understand that you’ll be pretty anxious, considering the circumstances. Fortunately, you can avoid being conned. In the article, we will be talking about different ways on how to spot a fake kn95 mask. So, keep reading.

What Signs Should You Look For?

Here are a few tips on how to spot a fake kn95 mask.

1. NIOSH Approval

The most important indicator of an authentic KN95 mask is the NIOSH logo. All masks are approved by the NIOSH – National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. You will find the logo printed in block letters.

For a mask to get NIOSH approval, it should be able to filter 95 percent of airborne particles. Fortunately, many con artists don’t know about this crucial detail. In case the logo is missing, or there are spelling errors then, it’s pretty good to tell that the mask is a fake.

2. Markings

Along with the NIOSH logo, the mask comes with other markings as well. With that said, a blank mask is a complete no-go. You will also find the brand manufacturer name on there, along with a registered trademark.

The brand name should be registered on the CDC’s index. Otherwise, the production is not legitimate. Additionally, there should also be a testing and certification code TC along with numerical code. In case any of these paintings are missing from the mask, you should take it as a sign not to buy it.

3. TC Number 

All NIOSH-approved masks come with a unique identification number known as the TC number. The number follows the format of 84A -XXXX. You can validate the number by popping on the CDC NIOSH Certified Equipment List.

Some companies may have a fake TC number on them, but a quick search will tell you all that you need to know about the authenticity of the mask. Others completely forget to print the TC number on their fake counterfeits.

4. Decorations

There’s been a trend of making masks decorations. They have essentially become a fashion statement in the pandemic. While the cloth mask is adequate when you’re out for a walk or standing in line at the grocery store, it does not provide the necessary protection to those working in a high-risk environment.

Legitimate KN95 masks do not come with any decorative fabrics. These are tested medical devices. They’re meant for official use and not for making a fashion statement. If you find any KN95 mask with some sort of decorations, then there’s no way it’s the authentic version.

5. No Sealing

KN95 masks are designed to form a tight seal around your face. They do it with the help of the bands that fit around the back of your head. However, some con artists claim that a kn95 comes with elastic bands and not ear loops. Thus, the mask no longer forms a tight seal, and that’s your clue that it’s a fake.

Elastic bands are a requirement from NIOSH.

6. Check The Retailer

You can also spot a fake mask if you investigate the retailer. If you’re buying online, then make sure the website is free from any grammar errors or spelling mistakes. The website should be top-notch as well. There shouldn’t be any blank pages, misspelled domains, or broken links.

If you find any of these, then you can safely assume the website is bogus. Additionally, the seller shouldn’t use adjectives like genuine or real for its products.  Legitimate sellers do not need these descriptions.

You should also look around for any customer reviews. Authentic companies have ratings. They also have pictures of the products displayed on this website.

Is KN95 Washable?

NO, kn95 is not washable, at least if you mean to wash it with soap and water.  Masks cannot be washed in such a way, nor should you spray them with liquid alcohol. You can, however, use them after decontaminating with dry heat. You can also use UV light. With dry heat, you can reuse the mask up to two times and three times for UV light.

How Long Should You Wear a KN95 Mask?

You can wear a kn95 mask as long as it feels comfortable for you. When it starts wearing down, you can throw it away. To extend the life of your mask, you can store it in a paper bag for around 48 hours in between uses.


Summing it up, no compromise can be made when it comes to the quality of the mask you’ll be buying. While people in the market will try to con you into buying fake masks, you can safely avoid the scenarios after learning all the ways about how to spot a fake kn95 mask.

You should look for the official markings and the NIOSH approval. Additionally, you should avoid any masks that come with ear loops and do not form a tight seal. We hope this article answers all your queries. If you still have any confusion, do let us know. We’ll be more than happy to clear them out.

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